6 Tips Guaranteed to Increase Your Website Conversion

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Want to Increase Engagement and Website Conversions to your Law Firm Website?


Getting a prospective client to your website is good.  But it’s only half the battle your want to engage a website visitor to stay on your site and take some kind of action for you to convert them into a new client.  Below are six tips of what you should do to your site to increase your website visitor conversions.



  1. USE LIVE CHAT: Live chat services such as “Engage” will increase your conversions from 10 to 30%.  This is based on our PILMMA member’s feedback over the past several years.  Be sure to put a PHOTO of you on the live chat icon that drops down on your homepage.  This will boost response an extra 6 to 10%.
  2. USE VIDEO: Use a short 2-minute video of you on the home page.  Tell the prospect how you are different from other firms they are researching.  The video serves two main purposes.  First, it starts building the relationship with the prospect and humanizes you.  Second, people respond to different media.  You want to attract there visitors who respond to videos.
  3. CAPTURE THEIR CONTACT INFO: You want to offer some free valuable information so you can capture their email address. Be sure to use a catchy graphic and put the opt-in icon on the right-hand side of your homepage.  Further to the right-hand top the better.  Whether it be an e-book, white paper, or even a free webinar.  The key is to capture as much info as the visitor will give you.  But only require their email to get your info.  Studies show many people will not give out phone numbers or addresses on the internet.
  4. KEEP IT CLEAN: Keep the home page clean and crisp without too much clutter.  With website homepages, “Less Is More” Information overload will make your visitors leave your site.  Thus, defeating your goal.
  5. MAKE YOUR SITE MOBILE RESPONSIVE: Over 50% of searches are done on mobile phones.  If your website has not been formatted to fit and be easily read automatically on a mobile phone you are going to miss 50% of opportunities to convert visitors to your website you also will be penalized by Google for organic rankings.
  6. TEST YOUR SITE: You should ask your website provider to split test your homepage site.  You want to have your site set up where you have two identical homepages except for one thing.  Things you could make different are:
    1. Color of opt-in button
    2. Headline
    3. Position of photos, videos
    4. Different color schemes
    5. Do you get the idea?

You want every other visitor to rotate between the two sites.  Look at which site converts better every 30 days whichever one converted better is your control.  You use the winner and make another site with only one change and see which one converts better the next 30 days.  This should be a continuous process.

If you implement all of the above, you will double your website visitors conversion into real cases in just a short time.

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