9 Obvious Reasons to Hire From Within Your Firm

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Hiring from within your firm rather than recruiting from the outside? Who knows what you will get.

hiring from within your firm

Hiring and promoting employees from within the firm can cut costs and increase annual revenue.

Consider the following:

  1. Hiring from within can save on hiring costs. There’s no need for costly recruitment firms or ads. Simply circulating a single email can help locate the right candidate. Filter through your current, already-qualified employees.
  2. Training costs, especially in the field of law, can be quite high. Learning the various processes and procedures, not to mention the ins-and-outs of legal software, can be expensive. By hiring from within, your firm just might avoid the expensive mistakes of a new associate on a slow learning curve.
  3. Once your other employees become aware that there is a new position in the office, you are likely to see them working those extra hours in competition for the job. Keep your associates, assistants and paralegals on their toes by offering an in-house promotion.
  4. Happy employees are loyal ones. When they are allowed to improve themselves, as well as their title in the workplace, they are more likely to stay put.
  5. The corporate culture of your firm will become more established when you have employees that have been with your company for a long time. You are essentially establishing a corporate family. Firms with strong corporate cultures recruit more qualified candidates, attract more clients and ultimately win more cases.
  6. Just one person’s promotion can boost the morale of your entire firm. A win for one employee is like a win for the entire team. A celebratory lunch is a great way to keep the moods high.
  7. When you hire from within, law firm administrators can conduct frank talks with the candidate’s current supervisors. Resumes can be exaggerated, and skills faked. This will ensure no negative surprises accompany your new hire.
  8. If your firm fills an open position with an outside candidate, your current employees may resent the new hire and the firm. Avoid ill will, especially in today’s financial climate, and avoid ill will by hiring from within.
  9. When you promote an employee from within the firm, you will save on salary. More than likely, the percentage increase of a current employee’s salary will be less than what a new hire would negotiate from your law firm.

Hiring from within can be a win-win for everyone. You hired the employees you currently have for a reason. Now give them the opportunity to show you what they can do. Chances are, you’ll be rewarded with loyalty and hard work.

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