Today's 5 Top Attorney Marketing Tips

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Follow these best tips for consumer lawyers, and you will generate more files.

Why You Need to Stop Avoiding Google+

Let's be honest... Google kind of controls the Internet. Moreover, Facebook has become more and more irritating over the years, with its incessant advertisements and updates about people you stopped caring about. Google+ is the future of social media, especially for businesses.

Free webinar - Getting GM Ignition Recall Cases

Join Ken Hardison on a free webinar this Thursday, August 21, at 4 PM Eastern, when he will be joined by Agostinho (“Augie”) J. Ribeiro to provide an overview of how to find, screen and evaluate GM ignition switch cases.

5 Ways Pinterest Can Help Your Legal Marketing

Check out several forward-looking law firms that are rock-n-rolling on Pinterest, getting free exposure, quality links, new website traffic and engagement by visitors. Do this instead of paying a directory to update your profile with one little picture and social media buttons that no one uses.

12 Twitter Marketing Tips From the Pros

Are you using the latest Twitter marketing tactics?  Do you want to raise the bar on your Twitter marketing? Twitter pros share 12 tips and tricks they're using to make a difference in their own marketing.

How to Convert Blog Posts into Leads and New Clients

For high-growth firms, blogging is the single most important business development tactic – it is more effective than SEO, social media or email marketing. A vibrant blog will increase a law firm’s visibility, bolster the firm’s reputation and brand, and communicate the firm’s expertise.

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