Four Steps to Creating an Effective Hiring Plan For Your Law Firm

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Creating Your Law Firm Hiring Plan


In any firm, staff come and go. The firm administrators hustle about trying to fill the vacant positions as quickly as possible, so as not to slow down the business process. Sometimes this is done at the expense of spending too much just on one hire, or even worse, hiring the wrong person with the wrong skill set. Having an organized and strategic hiring plan in place can keep your firm from some of these costly decisions.


A proper well thought out hiring plan can keep the hiring process from becoming a nightmare. Don’t wait for that employee to submit their resignation before you decide to put your hiring plan together.


Strategy: First of all, you will need to create a clear strategy for the overall hiring process. This is where you will list crucial details like who will do the hiring? Who handles the interviews? What media will you use to find a candidate? How will resources be allotted?


Budget: At the beginning of each fiscal year it is important that you allot funds for the hiring process. Make sure money is allotted for processes and activities related to hiring such as job ads, transportation, etc…


Selection Process:  Many important details such as qualifying resumes, interviewing and screening are involved in the hiring process. This is the only way to ensure quality employees are hired. Experts suggest following a proven selection process that already works for another organization. Use an existing hiring plan from another law firm and then tailor it to suit your own needs.


Measuring:   As with any other business process, it is important to track and measure the efficiency of your hiring plan and make improvement where necessary. Look into the time it took you to complete the hiring process and the cost per hire.


Being equipped with an organized and efficient hiring plan will help ensure a higher percentage of hiring top employees. It can also save you money in the long run by keeping you from making expensive mistakes.


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