Managing By Walking Around

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 Management Tip

Fifteen years ago a retired IBM executive gave me a great piece of advice for managing your employees. Manage by walking around.

The idea is to walk around the workplace in an unstructured manner and at random times. Check in with your employees about how things are going and the status of ongoing work.

The benefit to walking around is that by randomly sampling events or engaging in spontaneous employee discussions, a manager is more likely to find out what is really going on and gain a better feel for the morale and the pulse of the firm. It is a much more casual approach. Rather than waiting for employee reviews, you can get an idea what is happening on a day to day basis.  This is much better than sitting in your office waiting for employees to come to you or reading case status reports.

Another added benefit, albeit not the real reason for this type of management, is that employees are kept on their toes

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