Marketing For Lawyers: 8 Profit Accelerators You Must Have in Your Law Firm

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Using his 32 years of experience and knowledge, Ken has created this marketing  plan and budget template to help you reach your marketing goal for the upcoming  year. The Marketing Plan for Lawyers also includes forms and templates to help  you organize your goals for next year. Whether you have been in the business for  many years or just starting out, this plan will be a valuable resource for you.






The breakthrough starts when you stop thinking of your law firm as ONE thing,

and divide your law firm into “3 core divisions”:

  • Before Representation Stage
  • During Representation Stage
  • After Representation Stage

I have an overriding formula that I use for everything I do when looking at law

firms. The basic context involves looking at law firms in those 3 parts listed above:

Before Representation, During Representation, and After Representation. It is the

simplest, broadest context we can apply.

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