Don't Ignore The Power Of Mobile Marketing

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Are You Ignoring the Mobile Market?  It’s Time to Start Paying Attention

The mobile market is tremendous and only getting bigger. Sales of smart phones, tablets, E-readers and other mobile devices are booming and with all the improvements and advances we see daily it is clear this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it’s taking over! It is imperative that small businesses must keep up with this trend. Failure to do so in today’s hyper competitive environment could mean the difference between success and failure.

Technology research analysts Gartner, Inc. and both had the mobile market on their respective radars last year. Gartner’s statistics projected a 70% increase in mobile purchases by the end of 2012. According to, the number of small businesses without a mobile site was a staggering 70%. It is likely competing PI/SSD firms do not have a site on the mobile market, and this is the chance for you to beat them to the punch. CEO Ashley Friedlan believes delivering a great app that serves a particular need is a real opportunity to get “engagement and long-term loyalty”.

My Business is Not the Mobile Market Type

Have you ever been in a restaurant and just about every customer has a smart phone right there on the table next to their plate? How about when you are walking through the mall or airport…ever noticed the number of people with their heads down, glued to their mobile device?

At one time, everyone had the idea that sites offering location-based or on-the-go services were the only kind of sites that needed a mobile version. Mobile web surfing is no longer just for locating a restaurant for dinner or making on-line purchases. People are using their mobile devices for everything they do on line. They are consuming web content like books, games and movies. They are planning vacations, scheduling doctor’s appointments and balancing their checkbooks. Essentially, they are running their lives from these mobile devices, which is exactly why every business should have a mobile site.

Building a Mobile Market Is Too Difficult!

Yes, there may be some investment involved in building a mobile site, but it’s not difficult. In fact, creating a mobile site is much simpler than creating a traditional PC site. Mobile sites need to be easily navigated, and everything the potential client might require should be at their fingertips…literally.

Getting Started with Your Mobile Marketing

Take your mobile device for a “test drive”.  Surf the web using the handheld screen and you will get a quick understanding of how your site needs to be set-up to best serve your PI/SSD clients.

Clients are less likely to be distracted while using their smart phones. You are much more likely to have their undivided attention.

The mobile market benefits for the PI/SSD firms could be endless. To begin with, for the potential client there is no lag time between deciding they need your service and making contact with your firm. Their smartphone is with them at all times, so why not surf the web right now?

The front page will be an introduction to your firm and some background on who you are and what you do. Provide links for claims forms, Social Security applications and client information forms, video testimonials and appointment scheduling. It should be easy and enticing for them to go ahead and complete the initial set of paperwork and schedule their first appointment. Now they have no need to look for another firm.

Your mobile site will remain useful throughout your relationship with your clients. Email links will enable the client to stay in contact with their attorney/paralegal, keeping the client abreast of court dates and case updates, etc…

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. It is time to take full advantage of all that it has to offer you and your clients.


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