The Calm Before the Storm of Moving Your Office

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I was sitting out with my friend on his porch on Saturday and we could feel the weather starting to turn. It had been a sunny, humid, morning here in Myrtle Beach, but we could see the dark storm clouds getting closer by the minute.

A cool breeze led the way for the rainstorm that was about to follow. For a just few minutes, the climate was perfect.

“This is my favorite kind of weather,” I said.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because the wind cuts the humidity and freshens the air. But you know what’s coming next.”

When the rainstorm arrived, everyone ran indoors for cover and whatever calm there had been was definitely over. Whoever said “the calm before the storm” was both wrong and right, depending on how you look at things.

The phrase doesn’t just refer to the weather though. It refers to anything else that can happen in life, including a move of your law offices.

Moving upheaval

We’re moving our office at the end of August and that can be a big upheaval, a storm about to happen. So do we have a calm before the storm? Or do we just keep moving calmly, as if there was no storm?

Everyone in the office is working to ensure that the move is smooth and causes the minimum of disruption. We’re having a new roof fitted to the building while some minor renovation work is done inside the building. We need to clear out all the garbage that was left behind in the large storage area at the back of the building and we need to build new fire escape steps, as well have the three air conditioning units serviced.

The building needs painting, the area at the rear of the building needs clearing of leaves, the parking lot needs a coat of sealant, we need to arrange for a towing company to keep our parking lot clear of patrons visiting the bar opposite – there’s plenty to get organized.

We’ve picked out the largest office, 18’ x 17’, to use as a TV studio for PILMMA and client testimonials. If we decide to soundproof the studio, we may need to tear down the drywall inside that office and then rebuild it all to de-couple it from the other side, in order to minimize the noise transfer.

We’ve also arranged for our superfast Internet connection to go into the new office before we cut off the one here at the old office. The phone company has been booked to move the phone system over on the last Friday of the month, and carry over into the weekend if they need to.

Boxes for everyone

Everyone in the office has been allocated their own office and been given plenty of boxes to pack everything that needs to move to their new workspace. Each office has been numbered so that the right box goes to the right room.

While everyone packs their stuff up on the Friday, the computers will also be numbered, packed and moved. Over the weekend, we’ll get everything set up and put in place so that on Monday morning, it will be business as usual.

We’re only moving two miles up the street but without the advanced planning, it could have been as big a headache as moving 200 miles. Because this isn’t the first time we’ve relocated an office, and I have my trusted lieutenant of 32 years, Marilyn Beasley, to help with the planning, it will be almost entirely hiccup-free. I say almost because there’s always something unexpected, no matter how much you plan.

So the busy three days we’ll have as everything gets packed, moved and unpacked, are preceded by everyone being very calm and getting on with what they need to do. It’s a minor distraction from running the law firm and PILMMA, nothing more.

Whether it’s concerning changes in your law firm or the weather, the lesson is the same: when you know there’s a storm coming, if you’re prepared, you can be calm while those around you run for cover.

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