Optimizing Web Traffic for Conversion

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When a visitor comes to your homepage, what are they going to see? Are you making it easy for them to call you? to email you?

In legal marketing, your desired goal is to get the potential client to hire you as a lawyer; this is called a conversion. Converting a website click into a paying client can be difficult. What can you do to make your conversions as seamless as possible?

Conversion optimization is a major topic in legal marketing and can yield great results for lawyers who are looking to increase their caseload. Keep these points in mind to achieve the best bang for your buck when advertising online.

Landing Pages

Your “landing page” is the URL where each visitor to your website (whether by organic click or from paid search) will see first. Choose this page carefully, because it will be receiving increased traffic, or consult with the legal marketing experts at to learn more about conversion optimized landing pages.

Your homepage will be the best landing page because it should feature a complete contact form “above the fold," as well as relevant information about your practice to inform the end user about your services.

Phone Number

Verify that your phone number is prominently displayed on your landing page. Large text on the top left or top right of the page will provide an easy way for someone to contact you immediately. Remember, the sooner you provide an easy way for a potential client to contact you, the better chances you have of retaining that client!


A popular joke in marketing is “I know that half of my advertising is working, but I don’t know which half.” Don’t let this happen to you! I’ve spoken about tracking and targeting clients in the past, and ensuring you have a positive ROI is not as difficult as it sounds. Some things you can try are:

  • Setting up Google Analytics on your website will give you great data to see where your clients are coming from, when they are visiting your site, and much more.
  • Creating a filter in your email provider to identify all of your new potential clients will allow you to quickly access them, all in one place.
  • Adding a unique phone number on your website to track calls, alloswing you to study this new pool of potential clients.

Calls + Clicks = Clients

Your homepage is the first introduction to a potential client and serves as an online storefront to your business. Unless your practice is extremely unconventional, assume that the point of traffic to your website is solely to gain new clients. Utilize a proper landing page and unique phone number, and track your potential clients from the moment they reach your website. Remember, getting the click is only half the battle; you want to turn that click into a client!

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