Get Your Phone Ringing By Having The Right Number

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Today’s obsession with smartphones has made us all slightly crazy. Even I have to stop myself from regularly checking my phone to see if I’ve received any emails, or just generally fidgeting with the darn thing. Times were simpler when the phone was on the wall in the kitchen, the handset was attached to a long cord and when you left the house, no one could bother you.

This modern connected world means that people are checking their email, social media and apps all the time. They’re looking up information online, as and when they feel the need, wherever they are. I know a lady whose husband checked the score of an NFL playoff game as he held her hand while she was in labor, giving birth to their child. Not a smart move!

So sometimes we forget about the original purpose of the cellphone – receiving and making phone calls. We find ourselves investing substantial sums of money in website optimization, social media campaigns and online advertising to get us our next client. Yet we forget about something that is still relevant today, perhaps even more so in the cluttered advertising space – our phone numbers.

You wouldn’t accept a website for your law firm that was just thrown together by “some guy”. No, you’re smarter than that. And you wouldn’t accept your 16-year-old daughter running the social media for your law firm. No, again you’re smarter than that. So why do so many law firms just accept the first phone number that’s handed to them by the phone company? Really, with all the options available, that’s crazy!

Whether it was for PILMMA (The Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing & Management Association) or for my law firm, Carolina Disability Lawyers, I didn’t just accept the first phone number I was offered. I asked the phone company for a list of all available numbers and then, with suggestions from my employees, I picked numbers that can be remembered and were less likely to be confused or misdialed.

There are more options available to a law firm than just picking a sweet number from the phone company. There are companies out there dedicated to supplying you with a memorable number that will get you more business.

At our recent Super Summit in Chicago, I was speaking with Paul Faust from Ring Boost, a regular exhibitor at our events and a friend of PILMMA.  Paul sets up lawyers with specialized phone numbers that fit in perfectly with their campaigns. Paul made several points to me about why his service is just as important today, if not more so, compared with 10 or 20 years ago.

“Unlike digital marketing, when it comes to phone numbers, the rules don’t change and how they work doesn’t change,” said Paul. “With the web, there is always something new, whether it’s SEO, PPC, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. You need to be an expert and the rules change all the time. Google can change one algorithm and your ranking can disappear – just like that! There is no learning curve with a number and the rules can’t suddenly change on you.”

Paul gave me a challenge – one he gives every attorney – which I will share with you:

“I will challenge any attorney to drive down a highway and consciously listen to the radio and look at billboards and in 5 minutes they won’t remember one phone number.

But if the number was:






They would remember it!”

Paul pointed out that when a potential new client first finds you online, your phone number is less important because they can call you straight from your website. But if the potential new client first hears about you through radio, TV, a billboard or even just a referral, they may have to go online to find your phone number – and that’s when you drive them into the arms of your competition.

With a memorable phone number, you could avoid that happening. The quicker you get a potential client on the phone with you or your firm, the better chance you have of them not contacting your competition and you can then sign them up as a client.

That potential client can still be lured away if they’re filling out a web form – they may be doing the same thing on the websites of several attorneys while they window-shop online. But if they reach out to you on the phone through your memorable number, you have a much stronger chance of locking them in.

You may think you’ve got your phone number strategy in order, or that there’s no room in your marketing for a memorable phone number, but you may be mistaken. It never hurts to try something new, especially if it doesn’t cost you anything.

If you get in touch with Paul at Ring Boost and tell him I sent you, he’ll set you up with a no-obligation free trial of one of his memorable phone numbers.

Now, what do you have to lose? Give it a try! Call Paul Faust at Ring Boost on 914-200-0013 and tell him Ken Hardison sent you.

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