Joel Comm's Four Steps to Social Media Success

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There is an easy way to understand what social media is about. Lawyers who are unclear about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ simply need to understand that “it is about relationships.”

That is according to author, entrepreneur and social media advocate Joel Comm of Denver. He should know, because he has 80,000 followers on Twitter, has 36,000 likes on Facebook, has 16,000 connections on LinkedIn and is in 27,000 circles on Google+.

“The people you want to do business with are only two hops away on social media,” Comm says. “Social media is all about life. People forget that they’re dealing with real people on the other side of the monitor.”

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Social media is the water cooler of our era. “It’s where we relate to people and talk to people. Imagine there are a bunch of lawyers and they’re talking about new cases. You want to glean what’s being said and you may have something to offer. In social media it’s by following people and seeing what they have to say,” Comm says.

The four steps to social media success:

  1. Like me.
  2. Know me.
  3. Trust me.
  4. Pay me.

“It works in this order. Think how many people get online and immediately start selling themselves. It’s like yelling in a park “buy my stuff.” Then they wonder why social media doesn’t work for them. They haven't take the time to nurture the relationships.”

"A like on Facebook means someone will follow you and see if you engage them. When I discover the value you bring to the world around you, I get to know you better. Over time, trust can be built. From that trust is an easy step to get to ‘pay me’ -- to having a new clients. People buy from people they know, like and trust," Comm says.

Lawyers mistakenly look for the ROI – return on investment – from social media. “Instead you should measure “RonR” – the “return on relationships.”

“It’s all about whom you know, not what you know. Just about every day somebody new connects with me, asks questions or talks about an opportunity. Social media is all about building your circle of influence. It’s about the connectivity we have with other people.”

To see how lawyers use social media effectively, Comm recommended three sources: – The site lists other lawyers who are on Twitter. “You’ll want to get listed there. You’ll see the influential people you’ll want to network with,” he says.

@injury_law on Twitter. Written by JDSupra, this twitter account publishes news, updates and commentary about personal injury.

@HLScasestudies on Twitter. Published by Harvard Law School, the account links to case studies and the Harvard law library.



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